Year: 2017

Stream: Pip Award

Award: Pip Winner

Title: MeeTwo Time

Agency: Sudler & Hennessey

Entrant: Cathy McManus and Sam Cavenagh

Entry Summary: Being a teenager can be awkward. You feel insecure, paranoid and self-conscious. All – the – time. But letting it all out can help – others often feel the same way, they just don’t talk about it. So why don’t we lighten things up a little? What else do we all need to do every day, in private, that’s a relief to let out? Yep, we’re going there. It may be a bit of a taboo subject, but so is anxiety. Why is something so natural something to be ashamed of? By using toilet humour, we’ll help normalise anxiety and break down barriers to teens seeking help. Because maybe we could all use a little MeeTwo Time?