Year: 2017

Stream: Pip Award

Award: Pip Highly Commended

Title: Express Yourself

Agency: ICC Health

Entrant: Sadie Mayes and Laura Banks

Entry Summary: Express Yourself – The Art Show Anxiety in teenagers is a growing concern and many are affected on a daily basis. Social pressures at school or in the home often cause teens to feel embarrassed about sharing their problems. Art therapy is a well-known cure for all sorts of mental health issues. When we are focused on creating – be it through dance, art, or music – our attention shifts away from our worries and concerns. We want to use this notion to help teenagers talk about their anxiety, and in turn, promote the MeeTwo app. We invite teenagers to create art. In all mediums. To be shown in an exhibition called ‘The Art Show’. Held at the Peltz gallery at Birkbeck University (a sponsor of MeeTwo), all the artwork is submitted anonymously and uploaded to the app, mirroring the anonymity of MeeTwo. Celebrity ambassadors would also take part, creating a buzz around the project and showing teenagers that anxiety is nothing to be ashamed off and that it can affect anyone. This celebrity association with MeeTwo will help further generate awareness of the app and encourage young people to try it. On the opening night of the exhibition, ideally on Mental Health Day (March 8th), there will be an anonymous auction. All of the artwork starts off at the same price. The artist is never revealed, you could walk away with a piece of artwork created by Stormzy or something made by a 13 year old boy. You would never know. All proceeds go to the MeeTwo charity and any unsold artwork will be donated to healthcare centres specialising in mental health for teenagers. MeeTwo branded colouring books will be available to purchase at the art show and also online, to encourage teenagers to continue using art as a form of relief from their anxiety. Completed pages can be uploaded to an ever-growing virtual online gallery. The art show and auction would take place every year on Mental Health Day. This will keep MeeTwo in the minds of teenagers needing support for their anxiety, encouraging them to help themselves and others.